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August 14, 2012

Bogged Down by Blogs

Did you know I have another blog? Well, here it is: Gayle's other blog.  Feel free to comment in the way you almost never did on this one my dear little voyeuristic followers.

August 02, 2012

The Breakfast of Denial

The Breakfast of Denial
We've all heard of the breakfast of champions. I can't recall exactly if there is a definable menu for that but I'm assuming it's what Olympians eat. Now, because I'm further removed from being an Olympian than Satan is from Heaven, I've come up with my own version of a little something called The Breakfast of Denial.

If you're eating like this as well, I have news for you: You're old, you're getting older and you're worried. Nobody eats this stuff for breakfast unless they're worried. If you weren't worried, you'd be jumping out of bed barely able to contain your excitement to get at the Count Dracula Cocoa Puffs or whatever those chemical turds are called, washed down with a little Red Bull. 

Instead, what we have above is one of the super foods, Blueberries, to which you pour in some flax seeds (preferably already ground), a bunch of Psyllium husks, and some other seeds called Chia which, may or may not grow those weird little windowsill pets with grass hair if you were to bury these Chia seeds in some dirt. Throw in some cinnamon, yogurt, soy milk and you're good to go for hours.  

I'm using it as a way to trick myself into feeling full for hours, not that hunger and the reason I eat have had much of anything to do with each other in the past decade.

I also bought a pedometer the other day. I wanted to see how few steps I actually take in a day to freak myself out enough to take more.  I suddenly understand why my mentor in the Writer's Studio is a marathon runner. It's almost a necessity if you're going to write for a living, glued to your computer screen and your desk chair, like they're mere extensions of your body.

When I went to put a "tag" on this post, I tried to find the word "health" in all the tags I've ever put on a post and health was conspicuously missing. MMMMM?