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October 20, 2007

Stupid, stupid Vancouverites

Maybe it's Water on the BRAIN!

Actual statement from some guy who contacted me off one of those internet dating sites...

Him: "I'm going to one of those rotate-a-date things tommorrow night. Maybe after I'm finished there if it doesn't work out, if you're spontaneous, we could get together then...

Me: Uh, NO! Don't think so!

Him: Didn't think so, but hey, I thought I'd put it out there. I'm an open book.

Me thinking: Put it out there somewhere else sweetheart! Not a book I need to read!

Only a Stupid Blonde could...
Blonde walking a really big rottweiler, off leash, along very busy Pacific St. Stupid blonde tosses one of those dog toys called Kongs way up in the air. It never occurs to her bleached-out brain that dogs actually chase those which it did, right in front of our car. F&*k I swear at her through the window but itsy bitsy brained blonde can't see me because she is crouched down with her hands covering her spaced out head like chicken little waiting to hear the thud of fat assed rottweiler against our car. We just sat there, incredulous as she grabbed kong and dragged fat assed rottweiler off the middle of the road mouthing SORRY to us!