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May 09, 2009

Talent to Share

Went to Cafe El Zocalo last night. Derrick, husband of our band teacher and former professional trumpet player, turned veterinarian turned Mexican restaurant owner brings in some really great music to the cafe when he and his own trio aren't playing. Last night, the little place was wall to wall people to listen to five young guys - drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, sax.
One of them, Simon Millerd, the trumpet player, originally from Salt Spring now has a Quintet in his name. He and his friends, all at McGill in Montreal, were fantastic. I can't believe people can have that much talent when they've only been on the planet 20 some odd years. They have a CD, not sure if or where it's available. It's called Thankful.
Simon composed most of the songs on it and last night, sitting in El Zocalo, just reminds me again why I'm thankful I moved.

excuse the cell phone photos...

To the market I go...rise and shine!

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