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June 28, 2010

Salt Spring Market: Matching People to Photos

One of the best things about The Salt Spring Saturday Market as a vendor is not that you can make money but it's in the interactions you sometimes have with people who buy your stuff. I took this photo last Spring some time in the early evening. This baseball was sitting atop one of those memorials in the Ganges graveyard that have plaques on the front. When I saw it, I loved the way the light was glinting off the top right hand corner. I like the look of it as well; so worn and well-loved, no stranger to a bat.

I was wondering whether someone placed it there because one of the people who had died and whose plaque was on this monument were serious, serious baseball fans or whether it just ended up there because during a baseball game at the park across the street it got hit out of the park in a home run where all the players cleared the bases.

I love the shot but when I matted it as a small photo, I knew it would have to be a die-hard baseball fan who would find it appealing enough to purchase it. 

The man who ended up buying it was wearing a Bluejays cap.  He didn't tell me but when he left his wife told me that he 's a director on the board of the Blue Jays charity called Jays Care.  He's got some role in broadcasting as an Executive Producer. 

It's nice for me to think that my photo will be sitting somewhere that matters to someone who cares about baseball and does good things through the charity that's part of that team.


Helene said...

Love the photo... love the story!

Gayle Mavor said...

Thanks for the feedback. Nice to know there's someone out there!:-)