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January 01, 2012

Small Moments: Some Even Worth Writing About

One of this year's favourite photos and perhaps a good approach to the year ahead.
One useful thing about a Blog is that you can review it and remind yourself about the small moments that made up another 365 days.

"...some moments are nice, some are 

nicer, some are even worth writing about.” 

Here are a few moments that made up my year in 2011.
Until I reviewed the posts, I totally forgot that this was the year I turned 50. WOW! How could I forget that?
I celebrated 50 at  Tigh-Na-Mara with good friends.
  • Enjoyed spending time at Bruce's Kitchen checking in for Twitter.
  • Learned about Tai Chi through Taoist Tai Chi classes in the United Church on Salt Spring.
  • Had the best time ever with sisters visiting Salt Spring for The Fall Fair.
  • Absolutely loved spending time in the garden of The Harbour House Hotel watching the blooming of the seasons and taking photos and Tweeting.
  • Made a 3 minute video through Reel Youth on behalf of a weekend workshop  put on through United Way Lower Mainland. 
  • Enjoyed the sailing outings on the L'Orenda and the people I met.
  • Where were you all these years? Finally saw The Big Lebowski
  • Year's biggest realization: I should be working one on one with people. Duh!
  • Took a freelance writing refresher course through The Renegade Writer
  • Discovered my favourite pub: The Crow N Gate, Cedar, BC
  • Favourite Coffee Shop in Vancouver: The Prophouse on Venables
  • Went on a kayak trip up Indian Arm on an August weekend with Heather, Karen and Lisa.
  • One of my favourite past-times throughout this year: Walking down Walkers Hook Road on Salt Spring with my camera in hand headed for the Fernwood dock. I really miss that walk already.
  • I wrote a couple of articles for Boulevard Magazine 
  • Twitter became a daily event.
  • Enjoyed meeting Nomi.
  • Had a great year this last year at the Salt Spring Saturday Market selling my photos.
  • Favourite new person I met this year:  Thorsten Baumeister.
  • Friend I got to know better as the year progressed: Gwen
  • Really good memories of being seated in the sun room enjoying the company of my friend and 88-year-old landlady, Marjorie Martin.
  • Another dream accomplished and complete: Moved off Salt Spring in November after 3 years.
  • My former classmate Susan Main was a lifesaver with some timely subcontract work.
  • Took a wonderful course on Salt Spring from their Hospice program that was so useful as I was with my father for two weeks until the end of his life.
  • Was accepted into SFU's Writer's Studio Creative Writing program to start January.
  • Experienced the end of my father's life after his 93 years on the planet.
Pay attention to the small moments in 2012. 

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harriet glynn said...

Love this. Wonderful. Happy birthday and congrats on getting into the SFU program. 50s are looking bright!