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May 18, 2008

Trev Deeley Motorcycle Exhibit

Went to the Trev Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition yesterday as part of the Vancouver Photography Meet-up Group. It's a cool place to check out if you're into bikes as in you own one or even if you just like to dream.

There are about 200 bikes on display some going back to 1912 and the exhibit is attached to the store. Since I have almost no contact with bikes or bikers, except for a couple of rides as a passenger on a Harley last year which made me wish I could own a bike, I had no idea such a place existed.

I know that Harley Davidson has one of the strongest Brands in the world but I had no idea that you could buy so much stuff related to bikes including furniture and tiny baby wear that says Born to Ride.

It's a great way to pass a couple of hours if you happen to be in Burnaby. The historian on-site is Terry Rea and he told me that he had a request from some woman who was turning 40 last year. She wanted to be driven to her birthday party on a Harley but she wanted to be totally outfitted. The store obliged and he drove her right into her party - at some public place, up the stairs, and right into the venue.

He'd recently returned from some vintage bike auction in Las Vegas where the Exhibit picked up two more bikes for pocket change at $100,000.

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