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May 09, 2008

Vancouver AIDS Memorial

Yesterday, on my walk, I took a closer look at the AIDS Memorial just off the seawall past the Inukshuk on English Bay. I really like the way the names are cut out. That way, in the Spring, when the grass is really green, its colour shines through, as you can see in the photos, ever hopeful.

There's a quote by Dr. Peter, the physician who helped people learn more about HIV/AIDS through his video diary carried on CBC Television and who died of AIDS and has a center named after him. His quote says, But the Energy that is Me will Not be Lost. And, he was right, because his name lives on in the form of the Dr. Peter Center.

And, the energy of the others lives on as well...through those who knew them, through memories, through their spirits, through their names on this structure overlooking a beautiful spot in Vancouver...

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