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August 03, 2008

The Never Ending Events of the West End

As always at this time of year the neighborhood has been hoppin, jam packed with people coming down to the Celebration of Light fireworks. Canada scooped the top spot two years in a row and even I have to admit that the grande finale last night of Canada, China and the U.S. was really spectacular.

It made a huge difference that some friends who had been sitting on the beach since 5:30 pm had saved us a spot so we were able to waltz into the crowd at 9:15 pm and plop ourselves down right beside the music. A perfect summer evening.

And, just as the garbage is cleared away, it's time for the Gay Pride Parade today along Denman. It's always a spectacle and a 3-hour marathon where you're sure to see something that will open your eyes a little wider.

It always amuses me that you have guys with their butts hanging out of chaps dancing to the tired but happy YMCA tune and guys dressed up as women teetering around on heels so high you're wondering how many days it might take for them to walk after today.

There are really beautiful women, who just happen to be male, looking better than 90%of real women waving from the white caddys with the red leather interiors. Then there are the topless dykes on bikes and the kids all lined up waiting to catch candy from the cross dressing, fairy queens outside the Dairy Queen. Just another regular day in paradise.

It is the best parade in the city because it is such a fun atmosphere. Yes, it is one central location of all the worst stereotypes of gayness (is that a word?)passing by on the street and it's pretty much a block party, 40 blocks long, West End style.

I went with my friend and her two pre-teen kids a few years back and when we were walking home her then 13-year-old said, "Mom, I just didn't get why that man was hitting that other man with a whip?"

I remember biting my tongue and thinking to myself, well let's see how she answers that. She did a spectacular job. All she said was, "Some people get pleasure out of pain." He didn't ask anything else. I thought it was a good, succinct and pretty safe answer.

I'll try and get some decent photos. Drop by tommorrow and join the parade, virtually!

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