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August 27, 2008


I took what I will describe as this "mystical" photo earlier this summer.

When I noticed it again this week, I felt that its ethereal quality represented quite well the changes that have been percolating for me. Consciousness shifting. Arriving in its own perfect time.

I have had an amazing week.

No. You can't see it. Nobody can. I really shouldn't even speak of it. To speak of it makes me sound crazy. But, you can not be moving towards authenticity- finally - and be crazy. Far from it.

It made me realize that sometimes the journey we take - inside ourselves - when we are ready, is one that can make a world tour seem, in comparison, like a pointless exercise of just passing time.


Ben Anderson said...

I love your mystical photo - so very cool and mind-expanding.

Ben Anderson said...

picture a bright blue ball, spinning, spinning free

it's dizzying, the possibilities