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March 15, 2009

The Duhks (quack, quack)

Went last night back to Fulford Hall to see a band I'd never heard of (but then again who have I heard of?:-)) called The Duhks based out of Winnipeg.

The name is pronounced ducks in case you're wondering what relevance my photo of a duck swimming in Lost Lagoon has.

Their most recent CD - Fast Paced World - was nominated for a 2009 Juno Award.

A guy at The Boston Globe described there music as world-beat to blues, urban-pop to old-timey, with wild-eyed invention, haunting traditionalism and spine-rattling groove. [Those poor music critics. They have to be so inventive with a limited number of adjectives.] He rated their CD as second in Top CD Picks for 2008 just above Pete Seeger's "At 89" album.

What really stood out was the fantastic voice of lead singer Sarah Dugas and the fiddle playing of Tania Elizabeth who apparently lived on Salt Spring for a year and met banjo player and band lead Leonard Podolak at I presume a dance similar to one like last night.

You can check out some of their songs from a CBC Concert that was held in Winnipeg. I believe they're off to Portland, Philadelphia and New York next.

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Ben Anderson said...

good stuff (I enjoyed the fiddle as well), Gayle. Also, thanks for the CBS concert info