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March 09, 2009


On Saturday afternoon, I'd just returned from town and the snow began to come down. I looked out the window and yelled NOOOOOOOOOO!

By yesterday, Sunday, it was beautiful and sunny. I lit the fire and thought, that's it, snow's over for this year. Use the cut wood.

This morning I got up, rolled up the blinds and it was a winter wonderland. Again. In resignation there is only silence. No yelling in anger or disbelief. Just quiet bewilderment. I got dressed. I knew I wasn't going to drive. I decided to walk to town. I was kind of curious how long it would take. When I set out I figured I'd just hitch hike part way there but when I started walking, my body just craved the exercise. I kept walking. It took one hour and 35 minutes to get from my house to the middle of Ganges. That's about the same length of time it would take to walk completely around Stanley Park, a little less actually. It felt great.
But, enough already with the white stuff. Even my little old Buzzard (top left in photo) couldn't keep his woodpile dry.

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