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September 20, 2009

Salt Spring Reaches Out via Radio Waves

Salt Spring now has its own radio station at 107.9 or www.cfsi-fm.com

Today is pretty much my first morning of tuning in because it has just come on the air.

If you want to get a sense of the island, I can't think of any more immediate way of doing that than by listening to the station which I'm sure will improve as the kinks get worked out. I couldn't find a schedule on-line which is either my typical inability to find what's obvious or it's a major oversight on their part.

It's very much modeled after Co-op Radio in Vancouver with locals putting together programs on a volunteer basis but given the diversity, education levels and opinionatedness (is that a word?) of the locals, I'm sure it will be interesting, humorous and informed.

It's cool that such a small place has its own voice on the airwaves.

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