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October 02, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me

It's been one year on Salt Spring. Happy Anniversary to me. To celebrate, I moved. And, just as I was happy to move into the Moon Gate cottage when I got here, I was happy to leave. I'll miss the deck. I won't miss the darkness of the cottage. I won't miss the freezing cold bedroom. I'm hoping for way less spiders and after a week of being here almost, it's true. I may occasionally miss the hot tub. I will have to figure out new ways for friends to visit for free. I now have a full fridge and stove again. Does this mean I can actually buy ice cream again. NO! No it doesn't. Don't even let your mind go there.
I must keep this short because I'm starving and I'm needing to do all that goes with moving, recycling, cleaning (de ja vu) (still).
There's something incredibly free-ing about moving into a bachelor suite again. But, it's a really bright bachelor suite and I love the view. Very peaceful. Oh, and it's free. Did I mention that? Well, nothing's truly free but it's good. I'm feeling good.

Year 2 Salt Spring. Onward.


Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary to You. Is that your view out your window?


GM said...

Yes Madame!