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October 03, 2009

VIB: Very Important Bunnies

We have this great list on Salt Spring at SaltSpringCommunity.com. Whatever you can imagine, it will be there or if you're looking for something - a hairdresser, a Playboy magazine from 1965, a piece of antique machinery, put it on the list. Ask and you shall receive. Never boring.

This ad caught my attention and brought a smile to my face...

"I am graduating next summer, and will have a difficult time keeping all of my seven rabbits, so I need to let these three go...however hard it is. I ask for two references, and an interview. [This was my favorite part - INTERVIEW!] Previous rabbit experience is not required, or even preferred- responsibilty before everything.

If I get muliple responses, the rabbits will go to the most appropriate home, not the first responder. Please remember that rabbits can live 8-12 years. If I feel that you are suitable for a rabbit, but my rabbits aren't the ones for you, I can forward you to a number of other breeders.

The rabbits will be at the Apple Festival Sunday at Fulford Hall, or contact me to come see them at my home. If I do not find a home that I am happy with I will continue to hold on to them until I do."

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