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February 10, 2010

Let the Un-Olympics begin!

Now I'm not saying that it would be possible for Olympic events to take place in every single community in Canada but out here in the Gulf Islands, it's a bit like welcome to the un-Olympics.

On Salt Spring Island, you wouldn't even know the 2010 Olympics were taking place unless you were trying to take a float plane from Ganges Harbour to Coal Harbour in Vancouver and then you'd have to go through "security". 

They've set up an airport-like security screening check-point within a bus-like structure called the Cobus Scan 3000 presumably so that the most creative thinking and ineffectual  terrorist in the world (whose flight path of attack included a Gulf Island detour) wouldn't be able to infiltrate the games I guess.

Unlike Vancouver, I don't think there is a big screen TV being set up anywhere in the community so that one could watch the events to generate some form of community enthusiasm. And, I wish there was since I gave up my TV. Olympics banners are non existent.

I'm not aware of any cultural events that have spun off as a result of the Olympics. I haven't noticed anyone wearing Olympics pins or sporting Olympic clothing. Inukshuks haven't sprouted up any more than usual in souvenir shops. I haven't even noticed that  fuzzy wuzzy creature - Quatchi -  for sale, or Sumi and Miga.

The Driftwood is beginning to put in a story a week about islanders who are doing some form of volunteering or participating in one way or another. 

And, all I'm doing is heading over to some friends' house to watch the Opening Ceremonies. I might wear the T-shirt that ZAZZLE banned when I first made it about a year ago but maybe not. Afterall, I have to admit, now that the big event is finally here, I'm a little jealous that I won't be in Vancouver, not because of the sports, but because of the energy of all those human beings converging into the city and the excitement in the air that's sure to generate.

What are you doing to celebrate the Olympics? Got tickets? Cultural Events? Clothing? Geography means that I'm an un-olympic participant  and I want to live vicariously through you! How is it affecting your life? What's different for you in Vancouver? I really want to know because I'm not there to see for myself. Tell me! Anybody?


Gwen said...

I watched the Olympic torch relay in the pouring rain up at SFU today. SFU international student from Thailand was one of the runners/torch holders. More hype around VANOC vehicles and police cars and police motorbikes and Coca-Cola promo truck with youth dancing and yelling and Royal Bank promo truck with youth dancing and yelling than over the actual student torch holder. But it was still more fun than a team meeting, which was what we were originally supposed to be up to at that time this morning!

Anonymous said...

Watched the opening ceremonies at Fountainhead Pub on Davie which was packed with happy people cheering on Canada. I have an Olympic hoodie, a t-shirt and the ubiquitous mitts. Just came back from a lunchhour walk down to see the Olympic cauldron. It's fun being in Vancouver!

Gayle Mavor said...

In my old neighborhood - not fair.
Sounds like a lot of FUN! I admit that I'm a wee bit jealous.Go CANADA!