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February 07, 2010

In the Country

This picturesque scene was taken on a friend's property on Salt Spring Island off Cranberry Road. I love the way the side of the building complements the rustic boat and the reflection of both makes the photo about a million times more interesting than it would be without the reflection.

Their property is like a mini park with Arbutus trees and rocky bluffs and their house is perched right on top of a rock overlooking a valley. In their bedroom it feels as if you have just walked into a treehouse because all you can see looking out are Arbutus branches.

A deer quietly picked it's way across the ridge backdropped by evergreens as I wandered near the pond with my camera. It was quiet, so quiet and in that quiet there was space; the kind of space I need right now after being confined too much in too many small spaces during my week.

Natural beauty communicating to the soul.

"In the wintery darkness of February, new growth is beginning to stir beneath the ground. Just as plants grow in the darkness, unnoticed, so do our souls continue to grow even though we may not see the progress, day by day. One day we will awaken and our leaves will lift out of the darkness and touch the sky."

From the book Pocketful of Miracles by Joan Boysenko.

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