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March 22, 2010

Salt Spring Saturday Market Preparations

I've been busy getting ready for The Market which begins on Saturday, April 3. There have been trips to Victoria and trips to Opus and Value Village and Capital Iron. 

So much decision-making goes into selling your own photography or anything for that matter. Like everyone else, I'm trying to add to my "products" to make them unique in some way. Not an easy task when it comes to photography but I think I have succeeded. I have no idea whether my new little product will be a success but it will be fun to hope and see what happens. 

Pricing is always a challenge. I wrote a story on an artist lately and I felt very motherly telling him that he was underselling his talent and that the price should not be related to how long it took him and that he needed to honour his talent.

Umm. Say that again so I can hear it myself why don't I?  I want to price my stuff accordingly but I don't want to overprice it. Just about everything is overpriced here starting with the gas - which must be organic or something - because it costs between 120 and 126 which is probably more than anywhere else in Canada. Salt Spring used to be synonymous with sheep but now me thinks it's just synonymous with "show me the money!"

Lately I've been running into a lot of people whose Salt Spring dreams have run their course and as a result, they're done, they're packing up, they're moving on. I expect that's an ongoing phenomenon here and I wonder when something inside will tell me it's my turn.

But, back to photography, something about the above photo really appeals to me. I call it "Strength."

I was just sitting on the dock at Ganges and looked down into the water to see the light hitting the chain in a way that really drew me in. I hope you find it interesting in some way.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your new product! Good luck with opening market day.


Helene said...

Love this image of "strength". It really works for me. Not only the light and the composition, but the colour values also complement each other perfectly IMHO.

Have fun at the market!

Gayle Mavor said...

Thank you both!