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September 23, 2010

Farm Stand to the Rescue

There's a farm stand just two doors down from where I live. It's a little square wooden structure with a cover and a shelf. There's a locked money box and the honour system is in place. You take what you want and you place your money in the box.

Tonight, I needed some tomatoes to add to some basic pasta. I didn't have any. I wanted to taste a freshly grown tomato, not the kind you buy in Safeway. I walked down to the stand hoping there were tomatoes for sale and sure enough, they were there packed into the plastic tub above with rosemary branches stuffed in for a decorative effect, adding a wonderful aroma. Grab the rosemary branch and run your fingers up it and the essence of rosemary remains on your fingertips and has transferred to the smooth red/yellow tomato skins.

I've bought a delectable summer squash there about a month ago and a friend purchased sunflowers on my behalf that stayed on my mantle for a sunny week.

You just never know what might be there at these home-grown zero mile gardens on sale. I like to think of the people who own the stand arriving, excited that the fruits of their labour have found a new home,  stealthily, with only the smiles of satisfaction and anticipation on the faces of those who have purchased, anticipating the flavours on the way back to their own kitchens.

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