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February 21, 2011

50 Random Things I Wish I'd Learned Earlier

1. Even if it takes 50 years or more, recognize the significance of loving yourself first and foremost.
2. Celebrate life's significant moments as a form of love - for yourself - and for others and then celebrate when you feel like it in small ways just because.
3. Ask yourself, Will I regret this if I don't do it and if the answer is yes, do it as soon as possible.
4. Say what you need to say to someone emotionally even if you risk making a fool of yourself.
5. Get in touch with your gut instinct and recognize it so you'll know how to tap into it as part of the decision-making process.
6. You can only be treated badly by someone else more than once, if you let them treat you that way.
7. If the feelings are there between you and another person, don't discount them.
8. Accept all compliments with a heartfelt, "Thank you."
9. Recognize the reason, season, lifetime nature of friendships/relationships and enjoy them for as long as they are enjoyable.
10. Forgiving and forgetting are two very different choices that have no direct relationship to each other.
11. Make the first move.
12. Smile when you meet someone as a universal sign of openness and curiosity.
13. Aim to listen at least as much as you speak, preferably more.
14. Recognize that you truly are the only person you can change.
15. Learn when saying nothing is the kindest act.
16. Know sooner when to cut your losses.
17. Learn how to make a budget and work it.
18. Save 10% of everything you earn.
19. Remind yourself to give people the benefit of the doubt.
20. Understand that you can't ever make someone love you and sometimes you'll never figure out why someone does.
21. Recognize that you are not your family, just one member of a family.
22. Try to get at the heart of what brings you joy. Do that more.
23. It's okay to need someone. In fact, amazingly enough. It's human.
24. Know that someone else's expectations of you are their expectations, not yours.
25. Buy the most expensive shoes and the most expensive bed you can afford.
26. See through bravado to the emotion underneath.
27. Know that failing at something is the best way to learn; not a personal failure.
28. Recognize that your time is a valuable and a limited resource worth protecting.
29. As a women, understand that being involved with someone else's husband/partner is not only a direct route to unhappiness but disrespectful towards yourself and women in general.
30.  Celebrate diversity in people, places, food, fashion, etc.
31.  Ask yourself, "What's the worst thing that can happen?" and if you can live with the answer, go for it.
32.  Learn or do new stuff every year. Plan it.
33.  Don't allow other people's definitions of you, define you. They may be inaccurate in their assessment(s).
34.  Recognize that your personal value as a human being has nothing to do with the size of your bank account.
35.  Realize that your actions, visible and invisible, matter.
36. Surround yourself with people who have palpable hope for the future and are mainly positive.
37. Don't keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.
38  Don't expect other people to guess what you need. Ask for what you need and want.
39. If something that matters to you isn't happening, make it happen for yourself.
40. Find someone to admire, ask them to be your mentor; watch how they behave, learn from them, mimic them.
41. At all cost, if travelling matters to you, do it as much as possible when you're young.
42. Do not ever use age as an excuse for why you can't do something - too young or too old.
43. Know your regrets. Acknowledge them and then put them aside as quickly as possible.
44. When people tell you who they are either through words or behaviour, believe them.
45. When someone is annoying you, let the feelings flow through you while repeating to yourself, There is only the love of God." Practice. Practice. Practice.
46 See your uniqueness as your greatest strength. Recognize the same in others.
47. Collaborate.
48. Dream and then raise the bar even higher than what you imagine in the dream.
49. Explore all options in greater detail before settling on a single path.
50. Just show up, even when you're afraid to go.

Anything you'd like to add to this list?

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