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February 02, 2011

Just one Sneaky little Sneaker on Salt Spring

I was walking on the beach near Fernwood Dock about a month ago and I came across this very attractive sneaker balancing delicately on the rock.

Did someone place it there or did it just end up there in a perpetual balancing act after being washed ashore and then catching upon the rock?  Just one. No foot to be found anywhere, and I'm referring of course to all those shoes that have washed up on shores around the West Coast with a decomposing foot melting inside of them. Ugh. Macabre is the word the media always use in every single story you read about that.

Do you ever see these things and wonder how it's possible to lose just one sneaker? Was the owner in a drunken stupor making their way up the beach not even realizing in an alcohol-paralyzed manouvre that she was missing a shoe? Did it fall out of someone's beach bag? Did it just wash up here off a sailboat?
I found the flames on it interesting.

I wouldn't mind a pair of sneakers like that. A complete set. There's not a lot you can do with one shoe.

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