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February 08, 2008


Hey, I just came up with a new word: Consumerbalism!

You might want to drop by the Winsor Gallery on South Granville before March 2nd to check out the work of Chris Jordan.

His premise? We can't grasp what it means when we keep hearing these huge numbers that we have no reference to grasp meaning from. How much is a Billion? How far would a Trillion stretch? I don't know. I've never even seen a one thousand dollar bill! Are there such things?

He shows us, especially in association with things we consume and then discard: cell phones, plastic bottles, tins, cigarette packages.

I'm still grappling with the metric system. Anything that ends in "illion" might as well end in alien.

His art seems worth consuming with our eyes. Nothing to discard. Not even our guilt.

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