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February 24, 2008

Thank God for Friends

Turned a year older on the 15th and was struck down by the worst cold/flu I've had in a long time.Couldn't care a less about the Blog or anything else for that matter. It has been 10 days of barely able to breathe, barely able to do anything without having to lie down for hour upon hour. It has screwed up my running since we've now reached 3 6 minute runs with a minute walk in between. Lisa and Karen had been planning this outing to celebrate Lisa's birthday which was on the 21st and then Heather and I get sick. She didn't make it.

But, I just knew that if I didn't get out of this apartment this weekend, I was going to totally lose it and slide into a dark place that would take way too much work to overcome given everything else that's going on.

So yesterday morning, I managed to get it together and pick up Lisa and Karen. We drove to Sunshine Valley which is about 30 minutes west of Manning Park where the cabin is. We just hung out, drank Lisa's special sweet Manhanttan's, watched videos, made food, ate key lime pie and went for a walk or two.

There is nothing like a change of scenery. It was beautiful up there and today we drove to Manning Park. There was so much snow that we walked across Lightening Lake which was frozen and piled with snow. It was totally silent and white and peaceful and snowing lightly. It was just so good to be somewhere so quiet, no cell phone service, nothing but the birds and the trees.

I have to say that by the time I'd dropped everybody off tonight and came back home it was as if the horrible black mountain that had been descending the past week because of feeling so badly is now just gone. Thank god for friends.

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