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July 07, 2008

Conversations with Oneself

Before I left for my mini trip to Saltspring, I scanned the bookshelf knowing there was no need to buy a book when I had so many in my own bookshelf that I'd yet to read.

The book I grabbed was Conversations with God. I had purchased this book at least 10 years ago and for some reason, I read the first little bit of it then but never actually completed it. Lately, for more than a month, it has been in the back of my mind as if nagging me to read it.

I think because I have been feeling in a similar place to where the author Neale Donald Walsch was when he first was used as the instrument to impart the conversation with God that he had according to his book. I find it very strange when things like that happen; when the right book comes to you at the right time.

I'm sure every wannabe author would hope that someone else would just come through them and voila, their best seller would be written almost as if they had been in a trance while the exercise was being conducted, only to wake up to great hoopla and find themselves being interviewed on Oprah's couch.

Conversations with God was originally published in 1995. I believe it was a bestseller. A friend of mine said that if she had only one book to take with her to a deserted island, Conversations with God would be the book.

I finished it on Saltspring reading the last bits by flashlight in the tent. It's the kind of book where you must be in a place where you're receptive to the insights within it. You'll know whether you are, I expect, by whether you're able to continue reading it.

If I remember nothing else about the book, I will remember the part that asks you to ask yourself the question, What would Love do?

The next time you're having difficulties in any relationship and let's not forget the most important relationship we'll ever have - the one we have with ourselves - try asking yourself: What would Love do?

What would love do? Maybe I'll try and remember to ask myself that a little more often.

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Ben Anderson said...

another great book to add to anyone's collection.

Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-Discovery

- by Mark Coleman