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July 31, 2008

Summer Days

Well, after the last post it occurred to me that I could make an effort to lighten up. So, here's summer. Here's an idyllic little scene that represents summer quite well I think.

I snuck up on this lovely couple out at Harrison Hot Springs. I was just glad they didn't turn around as I was taking their photo. Don't they look almost too perfect?

Don't you wish that was you sitting on the bench? I do. Not with them. With whomever you would like to be sitting on that bench with. Picture yourself there. With that person. It's hot but the tree is shading you and you're just enjoying each others company and the conversation is rambling from one topic to the next and you're feeling the way you feel when you're content to be right where you are, on that bench, in that moment, with that person.

Savour it!

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