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September 11, 2008

Camper Man to the Rescue

I've been very lax on keeping up with the blog lately so here's another story from the Saltspring trip.

Meet Murray. Who's Murray you ask? Well, if you've been following my blog posts you'll recall that when I needed to go pee one afternoon on a beach on Saltspring with no washroom in sight, Murray was the man with the can. I stole that line from him. I like it. It's funny!

How did I possibly meet up again with Murray you ask? Friday afternoon. I'm wandering through Ganges. I'm just passing time when suddenly I hear my name. Someone shouts out Gayle! I think to myself, that's my name. I don't know anybody here. Especially a guy. I look and sure enough it's the guy with the camper. Murray. I've been looking all over for you he says. What? You're stalking me I say? (God, not another one).

Hi Murray. To make a very long story short, Murray and I got along great. We went kayaking. We went out for dinner. And, yes, because I didn't want to come home on Saturday, I ended up staying in his camper in a campsite on Saltspring. Not "with" him in the biblical sense, just in his camper.

We had a great time. He's very nice. He has a great sense of humour. He's not tedious to be around. If not for Murray, I would never have stayed on Saltspring until Sunday and I would never have met Jacqueline.

I owe Murray big time. First the camper pee. Then, food, shelter, kayaking, company. Murray was like my little saviour.

Anyway, I just have so many adventures whenever I go to Saltspring. I don't know why.

I just hope they don't end when I move there.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Gayle.
To pee or not to pee

Ben Anderson said...

ya see, more mature (some use the word "older") men, can be nice, and real, and down to earth, and funny. And, contrary to popular belief, we are not all "stalkers!"

All the best on your Saltspring move.