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September 21, 2008

Perspective: A Moving Target

It just occurred to me today that I am moving to a place where there is only one traffic light. How fantastic is that?!

Here's some of the things that have crossed my mind about what I think I will miss about Vancouver in no particular order.

1. Being able to see my friends whenever I want without having to catch a ferry.
2. Indian restaurants.
3. Stanley Park (not that I won't be in another paradise).
4. The Stanley Park Rose Garden and the way that you can watch the seasons by watching how it changes.
5. Neil calling me spontaneously after he's been up to Prospect Point doing some shipspotting and he wants to have a beer at the Sylvia.
6. Colleen spontaneously dropping by for a visit.
7. Lisa.
8. Not being around to kayak with Lisa and Heather and Karen in Deep Cove.
9. The clip clop sounds of the Clydesdale horses pulling a buggy down Robson Street on their way back to the Park more often than not a bride and a groom seated in the carriage on the way to have their photos taken.
10. Coffees with Keiko.
11. Being able to walk down the street to the library and to just about any amenity you can think of within a 10 block radius.
12. Sunday breakfasts and walks with Dee.
13. Conversations with Dave.
14. Leila.
15. Dinners at Peggy`s place with Catherine and Chris.
16. The High Tech Communicator`s Exchange events.
17. Sitting on my balcony and just watching people coming in and out of the park.
18. All the free festivals and entertainment available in Vancouver so that even if you`re broke, you can still entertain yourself quite well.
19. Gelato and cupcakes (that`s undoubtedly a good thing).
20. Not being able to easily visit my father and the times we have spent together at Crescent Beach.
21. Missing out on See Seven with Gwen.

Here`s what I`m looking forward to:

1.Living in a place where there is only one traffic light.
2.Hopefully, having more time to concentrate on writing poetry and fiction.
3.Taking in yoga classes at the Saltspring Center.
4.All the creative people I will undoubtedly continue to meet on Saltspring by writing for Aqua and the paper.
5. Learning about a new community and getting involved in it.
6.Perhaps taking up a musical instrument such as the fiddle because Saltspring has an excellent fiddle community and it would be great to get back to music, something I haven't done since I played classical piano.
7.Doing something for money part-time that is very different than anything I`ve done to date.
8.Learning how to chop kindling for my wood-burning stove (I`m sure that novelty will wear off in less than a month.)
9. Living somewhere so quiet that you can`t hear the sounds of traffic.
10. The festivals that take place on the island and living in a place where the
entertainment opportunities are `manageable` if you know what I mean.
11. Enjoying living in a place I`ve wanted to live for a very long time and recognizing that I made that happen just because I decided to.
12. Exploring with my camera the places I`ve yet to see on the island after all these years.
13. Knowing that I have lived well in Vancouver, enjoyed Vancouver, especially in the past 7 years, and am leaving without regret or feeling like I will feel as if I'm missing out on something because I'm ready to leave.
14. Feeling like I'm moving to a place that really fits who I am.
15. Opting out of a collective consciousness that is continually in need of more...
16. Stuff I can`t even know that I will undoubtedly enjoy about the place.

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