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December 14, 2008

City Mouse No. 3

Poor city mouse No. 3 Lisa came to visit this weekend and after a false start where I warned her off on Friday night as a result of the snow, it seemed safe to have her come over on Saturday. Then, sure enough, as you can see, the snow kept falling and falling and falling.

We were at a dinner party next door and luckily had only about 500 feet to walk to get back home but didn't expect what we saw when we awoke this morning. We were up really early and were out in Duck Creek Park before anyone else was even around.

There's no way I'm driving my car in this weather here since I live on a hill. So, this afternoon, we hitchhiked and were picked up right away but poor City Mouse No. 3then had to spend 2 hours waiting for the ferry.

I feel so bad for her. I'm sure she will be just about out of her mind by the time she gets home because the ferry is the milk run ferry leaving at 3:30 and not getting back to Tsawwassen until 6:00 pm. She's still got another hour. My god. I'm so sorry Lise!

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