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April 28, 2009

Original Intention as Safety Net

A few weeks ago in preparation to write a feature on this woman named Francine Carlin for a Women in Business supplement, she said something to me that I really needed to hear that week.

We were talking about transitions in mid-life because she's about to organize a mid-life transitions dialogue group here and she said “You have to trust that when you made the change (in your life) you had an intention to succeed or discover [or whatever that original intention arose from] and that original intention is your safety net.”

What that meant to me is that when I first moved to Salt Spring the thing that allowed me to make the move, the belief that it was the right thing to do is what I must return to any time I have a week that is making me have some doubts about my decision because that original intention is where the truth lies.

I was feeling bored at the part-time job because it had been particularly slow that week. I was thinking perhaps at 48 it's too early to settle for work that pays poorly and isn't that mentally challenging. Actually, that's true at any age as far as I'm concerned. On the other hand it's interpersonally a little challenging because of some of the types of people that tend to walk through the door and I like that about it. It's a lesson a day in human nature, including my own.

When I'm feeling like I was about a week ago, I have a tendency to forget all the positive things because I've begun to take them for granted.

And it's a growing list that includes:
Playing in a really fun band led by Wendy and Derreck
Spending more time than ever taking photos and then selling them.
Writing consistently for The Driftwood and Aqua and meeting really interesting people as a result.
Being a vendor at the market and meeting people through that venue.
Meeting two people recently, one of them being Charles who I feel are going to prove to be significant in my life related to work in photography and writing.
Having a co-worker who I look forward to talking to every day and who I like.
Writing for the great Gail Sjuberg through The Driftwood and Aqua.
Becoming friends with Karin Jones.
Writing the introduction to the new Artist Studio Tour guide through meeting Amy Melious;someone I really like.
Gaining a surrogate mother in Pauline.
Living in a cottage that allows me to walk straight in from nature through my front door and being able to drive 10 minutes to work.
Being a part of a community where just about every night of the week some artistic/musical event that I can almost always afford to go to and of really high quality is happening and where some amazing people reside.

Put in that perspective, it seems like the original intention has just begun to unfold really well as I had envisioned and it's only been 7 months.

So, if you're feeling a little challenged by a decision you made recently, or just having one of THOSE weeks, perhaps you just need to remind yourself that your original intention is the one that holds the most power and resonates to the highest truth. Believe that. Then, keep working smart to make things happen as you envisioned when the seeds of the original idea and gut instinct sprung forth.


Lisa Wolfe said...

yes, i knew you made the right decision moving to saltsping island. You had and have the courage to believe and strive for a great life on Saltspring or whereever you decide to live. I miss you tons but miss you a wee bit less when I'm able to read your blog. Reading about all the interesting people you are meeting, it fabulous. It has for the moment replaced my George the hour fix - I used to watch him all the time but now am usually sleeping or feeding Konor at that time.

I wonder if all of these interviews could turn into a book - an essay collection??hmm



GM said...

My little Lisa mummy. Thank you so much for your thoughts. While I miss your smiling face and the way our humour interacts, I don't miss you so much 'cuz you're right here with me in thought, always.