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April 11, 2009


Yesterday I fell down twice even though I hadn't had a single thing to drink.

I'm beginning to remind myself of my mother (who was notorious for falling down).

I was laughing so hard I was letting out snorts which made me laugh even harder. My stomach hurt I was laughing so hard. I had to yell at you to stop talking to ease the pain.

We found a UFO on the lawn of The Fulford Inn. Some old Russian thing that someone here is sure to be able to turn into the next SMART car prototype.

We took a hike on that trail owned by the Tsawout Band along the water.

You liked embarrassing me. "It's so easy," you said, accurately. On the way there you backed up just so you could drive down a private driveway past the tennis courts to see the main house but mostly just to embarrass me.

You called over the waitress to ask something to embarrass me.

Then, when it was all over, later, doing the dishes I started laughing again. I was laughing at the memory of laughing the first time and let out yet another snort. Not very becoming.

I always forget how good it feels to laugh that hard even though my ankle had to be wrapped in ice as a result of the falls.

It was a day worth smiling about.

Too bad you're leaving.

Just as well.

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