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January 04, 2010

Monkey Mind needs Taming on Day 4

Crazy monkey mind day where it was out of control playing hula hoop and jumping rope and darting over to the hop scotch pasteled on the sidewalk of the right side of your brain and being the last one on the merry go round and seeing yourself as a child being dropped to the ground on the teeter-totter when your brother purposely got off while you were suspended  in mid air until BANG, looking at the cobwebs wondering where the big spider is that created that long black one, doing the dishes, enquiring about Qi Gong classes, throwing leftovers into a strange lunch concoction of spinach and cheese and rice, writing e-mails, not being able to get away from that stupid never should have signed up for FACEBOOK timewaster, following up on money that has still not arrived for work done two months ago, thinking about three queries and not being able to start even the first sentence, finishing a story for The Driftwood that made me wonder, What about 2012 anyway? Wondering where I put the phone number for that massage therapist.
Ever have days like this where you really need a crow in a tree, still and suspended, to remind you to STOP and pay attention, lock up the monkey, sit down and be quiet.

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