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January 30, 2010

Two Weddings, a job and a funeral

I've come up with a new idea in what is my never ending quest to cover all the bases in terms of trying to expand the on-island writing work. The Write Occasion, "Two weddings, a job and a funeral" is my new service where I'm going to offer  my writing abilities to anyone who might need some assistance in writing their wedding vows or writing an obituary (for people and/or pets) with resume writing thrown in to add to all the other types of writing I'm doing anyway.

I have no idea whether there will be a market for such a thing but there seems to be a lot of weddings held here, and funerals, but that goes without saying. Death and taxes, baby!

I was telling Karin this the other day, showing her my new postcards that I created off Zazzle and she found it hysterical thinking about me meeting with a young couple trying to craft their wedding vows. Having just written that, it cracks me up just thinking about it as well but I CAN DO IT! I can!  Nobody ever gets that I'm a romantic at heart. Besides, there's no better place for black humour than at weddings or funerals if you ask me!  Why two weddings? she asked (so naively). Because, I say, (like duh!) that's the most likely number of weddings that someone will have in their lifetime.

It got me thinking about practising on myself. They say it's a good idea to think of your life backwards, and to write your own obituary to really clue into what matters to you and what you'd still really like to do.

Anyway, I am putting an ad in The Driftwood newspaper and more importantly, I'm sending out a letter with the post card targetting all the other businesses on island that might connect with people who would need to use the service: Church  ministers, wedding officiants, flower arrangers, wedding planners, caterers.

Anybody need their obit written in advance? If they have living wills, why not living obits? I mean, have you thought about who would write about your life when you die? Are you going to leave that important task to some family member who depends on spellcheck to check spelling and the only thing they normally write are cheques?  Eeeeks!


Anonymous said...

Not quite ready for an obit but wedding vows is a realllllllllllllly good idea. Go Gayle!

Gayle Mavor said...

Thanks Harriett! oh, and by the way, nobody's ever ready for their obit...