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May 18, 2010

Bob Needs a Massage on a Ferry 'Round SaltSpring Island. Be There!

Eat your Heart Out, Bob!

I'm stealing a line from a headling in The Province newspaper to let you know that "BC Ferries is finally rubbing its passengers the right way" by starting a new onboard spa service from Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen on its Thursday to Sunday trips. I expect locals, more than tourists, may use the service. Once you've done the trip for the 535th time, why not make it useful time. I'm just disappointed that they aren't going to have it on the 3-hour milk run that happens from Long Harbour on Salt Spring to Tsawwassen. That's where it's really needed. Although, I thought it was a massage service. The obssession with nails has always baffled me. Read all about it at C-Spa. Nails, Sail, Exhale! Is that backwards? I want to change the order but it sounds better, as I'm sure they realized, with nails first.

Happy Birthday Bob. It's Bob Dylan's birthday on May 24th (his 69th) and the folks on Galiano Island have created a Facebook page and a partay to celebrate Dylan's annual milestone for 15 years. One wonders what the man himself does to celebrate when so many others are celebrating for him? Maybe he just gets on YouTube and laughs hysterically at all those trying to imitate him. Whatever. Celebrating his birthday seems to make a little more sense than celebrating the birthday of a dead monarch dontcha think? 

I understand from my friend Sharon Bailey, who's a singer/songwriter that The TreeHouse Cafe on Salt Spring is also hosting a bunch of performers who will be singing Dylan songs as well. She'll be singing, among others, one of the eternal favorites, You Gotta Serve Somebody!  (I chose this version, not because it's Sharon, but because it just cracked me up. How did these guys - look at them closely - ever come together? They look like they wouldn't know each other in a million years? Like they're doing community service. (And, I really could have done without the lingering, saggy butt shot of the lead singer halfway through.)

Sink or Swim. Sink or Swim. Speaking of which, in the worst segue ever, if you're rich enough to throw your money into a moneypit (a.k.a. sailboat) then it's the big  round Salt Spring regatta this weekend. How long can that take? (kidding!)

It's a long weekend. What else can we get up to?

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