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May 07, 2010

Ferries like Starbucks in the Gulf Islands

Around here, ferries are like the dualing Starbucks on Robson Street at the corner of Robson and Thurlow in Vancouver. There's one on every corner (or at least three points on island).

I took this photo last summer off of Ruckle Park on Salt Spring Island where the campground is and I thought it was cool because it's not often you see two big ferries passing there. Or, at least I haven't. I decided to play with the shot a little to make it more interesting and I like the way it looks on an angle.

Last night someone told me about a conversation she'd had with a long time resident who commutes off island for work. The long time resident said something akin to blasphemy around here. She said she wouldn't mind if they built a bridge between Vancouver Island and Salt Spring. Apparently, in the morning, getting off the island to Crofton if you're headed to Duncan or Ladysmith or Nanaimo is getting so busy that sometimes there are more cars than ferry. Who knew?

I don't like the idea of a bridge. For me, part of the charm of living here is having to take a ferry. Of course, I haven't lived here very long and I expect the longer you live here the more you hate BC Ferries. But, honestly, from my perspective, if you choose to live on an island how can you be in your right mind and complain about ferries. Get off the island. Go live right in the middle of a city.

Last year a Salt Spring resident was banned from the ferries for six months because was so pissed off that the last Friday night ferry from Crofton was under capacity but a ferry employee would not let her board because it was ready to sail. She had 40 litres of fresh milk for her capuccino stall at the Saturday Market and couldn't get on.  In total frustration, she nudged a ferry employee with her car. The RCMP were called. When she tried to board a ferry the next morning on the first sailing she was informed that she was banned from riding a BC Ferry for six months.  Get a grip lady! Maybe it's time to move.We're not talking a kidney transplant here, we're talking coffee!  Get a watch. Show up earlier. No sympathy here.

While trying to find the above details I discovered this West Coast Ferries Forum.  Ferries and islanders. Just another love-hate relationship.

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