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March 04, 2011

Highland Water District's Bonnie Blue-Green Algae

Every time I hear the term Highland Water District, I keep thinking that somebody forgot to tell me that tucked away in a magical pocket of Salt Spring Island there are fantastic looking swarms of beefcake-strong men wearing kilts and running around participating in ancient Celtic rituals heaving massive poles as they do in the Highland Games.  Doesn't it sound like that? Don't you wish? Then there'd really be even more reason to visit here, live here, stay here. Alas, it's only in my imagination.

I know this because I live in the Highland Water district and even though I'm surrounded by water, not only are there no kilted hunks but there is a don't drink the water advisory from the Vancouver Island Health Authority that has been valid for the past month.

There is blue green algae in the water of St. Mary's Lake and the filtration system that exists for the Highland Water district is not able to filter out the microcystin toxin produced by it. Walk alongside the lake and it has a smell to it. It's not possible to just boil it and get rid of it. The Chief Medical Officer for VIHA says that they are erring on the side of caution by imposing this ban. They say you can, however still brush your teeth and take a shower although if you have a vivid imagination, as I do, then you can't help but think of the green slimey things that may be invisibly crawling over your body and your casserole dishes.
For the past month, residents in the Highland Water District have had to go to a tap in front of the water building across from the cemetary and fill up containers of water for cooking/drinking. I was filling mine up the other day and for a split second I was transported to Africa, cracked earth under my feet. I was wearing a beautiful colourful sarong and carrying a jug on my head. Nope. Can't picture it. Can you? 

Do we take H20 for granted or what? 
I just get this uneasy feeling that other than the message, "Don't drink the water," I don't know very much about how they actually test our drinking water here on island and what type of training/qualifications are needed by the person who does it. Who monitors the person who is monitoring the water?

The Pumphouse
I notice that the little shack pumphouse on the side of St. Mary's lake is where this water district's water "headquarters" exist. It's not exactly a stunning edifice to instill confidence. Is the monitoring that is taking place done in such a way by a qualified individual that we can really "trust" the results? Who are they? How long have they been doing it? What exactly is involved in the process?

Umm, why are dogs allowed at all? We drink it!

Just now, (I'm a slow learner), I realized that I'm drinking water that is coming out of a lake that swarms with babies and toddlers and bathing-suited bobbers in the summer, cars lining the windy road that snakes along the lakeshore. Sobering thought that took way too long to sink in. Questions. Questions. Enquiring minds want to know.


Anonymous said...

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Gayle Mavor said...

Thank you for the nice feedback.

Anonymous said...

You can contact the Environmental Health Officer for the island. He/She should have many of the answers to the questions you pose. This person is responsible for testing our water quality but of course the district has to fix the problem. Hope this helps.