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March 14, 2011

What Can You Do with Someone Else's Catastrophe?

It's impossible to fathom how people in Japan are coping.

I've had to tear myself away from Twitter and YouTube because I can't take watching any more of the catastrophe.

If you're a very visual person, it's best to limit that imagery if you can. Even if you're not, if you can't change a situation, is it really wise to consume yourself in it? It's good to be informed. It's overwhelming to be glued to your TV and the Internet.

I don't know the right answer or if there is one and of course it depends whether you have family/friends in the situation but I'm thinking a few things.
Here's five things I'm going to do.

1. I'm going to make a donation, no matter how small but equal to my financial abilities, to a reputable agency that can help. It's important, no matter how small. We are one world.
The Canadian Red Cross
Network for Good
Global Giving

2. I'm going to visualize positive outcomes related to the nuclear reactor situation happening in Japan. If you don't believe in the power of intention, then read Adam Dreamhealer's site. If you can't get your head around that, in this type of situation, then at least visualize positive images of people helping people in Japan and people finding each other. Visualize positive outcomes for families. Close your eyes and see it until you feel their overwhelming happiness at finding each other.

3. I'm going to make an extra effort today to bring beauty (flowers, nature, whatever you deem beautiful) into my daily life and someone else's and stay present.  Do something small for someone else.

4. Remind yourself of The Golden Rule and try and move towards living more compassionately. It's a daily struggle. Listen to this fantastic interview with Karen Armstrong, a religious scholar who has written the book steps to leading a compassionate life.

5. I'm going to get prepared already! Make this time the time you finally do get prepared for an earthquake/tsunami (as much as you can) given that we all know, those of us who live on the coast of British Columbia, that the same type of catastrophe is expected (tomorrow or hundreds of years from now) to hit British Columbia. Write it in your daytimer. Decide what you need to buy. Keep it in one of those large transparent plastic bins.  Just do it finally.


harriet glynn said...

It's nice to realize that you CAN do something, the we aren't helpless. Nicely put Gayle!

Gayle Mavor said...

It is a relief. Thanks Harriet.