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March 31, 2011

Wander a While with Me

Today, why don't you tag along and see where I've been?

I really liked this rock staircase at the far end of Churchhill Beach, somewhat hidden under the boughs of a tree. The photo turned out blue because I actually had my camera set on the wrong setting which is not really all that uncommon for me. But, in this instance, I love the effect. It's as if you dare climb to the top, you'll surely be greeted by Frankenstein's bride or the troll hermit who drags himself in and out of  his ramshackled lean-to just above the beach.
 I had some time to pass and so I went down to a place I've been too many times before hoping, to my disapointment, that there might be something new to see. The "sculpture garden" is really derelict at this point. The sculptures are broken or completely gone. Maybe new ones are coming. Maybe not. I really hope so. The winter storms have desecrated the trail so you have to turn around and walk back the same way, especially if you're not wearing boots. Still, it's pretty and I've almost never met a single other soul when I've been there. It overlooks the gardens at the back of Hastings House. 
While the Hastings House guests sleep in luxurious accommodations, the gardener sleeps on this in the woods. (I'm joking of course). This was a sculpture. It's now a bed of leaves, literally. It's gross and interesting at the same time. I really like it. When you come upon it, it's as if you've come upon a crime scene.
Along Churchill beach there is a rope that hangs off a tree. As you walk towards it on the beach, it looks like a noose. That coul be dangerous. It's hanging with a big loop and part of it is badly frayed. I liked the juxtaposition of the fraying against the still intact rope.
The textures are what caught my attention as if the barnacles are shell condos.

It seems like a long time since I've truly been in the mood to take photos so it was lovely to spend a small part of this sunny day wandering with camera in hand.

Thanks for joining me.

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