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April 13, 2008

Day trippin' at the Zoo

-Greater Vancouver Zoo, April 2008

I spent the day yesterday at the Greater Vancouver Zoo with the supercalafragilistic John family. Peggy. Chris. Catherine. Catherine`s friend Rene. (No. 1 daughter, Courtenay, was in San Francisco on a band trip).

It was a lot of fun. You can walk around the site or take a little train like the one in Stanley Park that circles the site. You can ride a bike. You can take a small bus and go into areas that you can`t walk into that have bison and black bears and other animals.

My favourite part was seeing Shadow the grizzly bear that they rescued when she was orphaned as a cub. She was in fine form yesterday, playing in the water, running in her natural habitat, trying to rip down a tree, flipping rocks.

There were giraffes, rhinos, camels, a Siberian tiger, a lion and lots of other animals that I'd never even heard of.

It`s a great day trip when the sun's shining.

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