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April 18, 2008

Ideas coming faster than Hamsters can eat

As I go about my day, I always have ideas (don't you?) and yet, I don't act on them because I can`t make things. I can barely draw a straight line. Honestly, sometimes I have trouble getting out of a room if the door handle is ultra modern or unusual. Designing anything practical just isn't high on my list of aptitudes. I'm not likely to become an inventor. If only I could find a partner, business or otherwise, who could translate my ideas into tangible forms.

Idea number 1. You know how so many people don't have a will (including me) so when they kick the curb nobody will know what they want. Now, if you could create a will that was on a Blog, that detailed what you wanted to have happen to you, then it wouldn't matter when you bit the dust because all anyone would have to do is Google you and your wishes would be right there for the whole world to see. No confusion. It could even detail whether you wanted to donate any organs (yours, not someone elses). Morbid but efficient. It could be called Blog-Gone. Bye, bye.

Idea number 2. Maybe you can relate to this one. My apartment is pretty small but not as small as the 450 sq. ft. bachelor suite I managed to live in for almost four years without committing any homocidal acts. Therefore, in order to accommodate the sorting of mixed paper, newsprint, plastic, tin, and glass that I must in order to be a good green citizen, it's as if I need a recycling station built into my apartment. But, let`s get real, there`s barely room, in my apartment, for the stuff I`m not intending to get rid of. Like, my couch. My bed. I`m only into wabi sabi to a certain degree.

So, I was thinking, if someone could design a sorting station for recyclables and incorporate that into the design of all new houses/apartments then they'd be doing the occupants a big favour in terms of time efficiency and usefulness. It could be a new type of closet organizer. Maybe such a thing already exists. If so, let me know.

All I know is that I need to find a better way to organize my recyclables than the little piles I've created around my apartment. They're like little communities unto themselves. It's like the Capulets and the Montagues in Romeo and Juliet have moved in but in garbage form. Don't let the mixed paper mingle with the tin or there will be hell to pay.

When I talked to Stacy Toews of Level Ground Trading one of the things that amazed me the most is that his company boasts only 1 grocery bag size of landfill waste per week. They manage this because they have 13 streams of recycling. Think about that.

I was driving back from Lighthouse park on garbage day in West Vancouver and I couldn't believe how many people have two garbage cans at the curb waiting to be picked up. That shouldn`t even be allowed. What have they got in there? Manolo Blahniks that have only been worn once? Bandages from their most recent plastic surgery? The remnants of King crab legs? Bags full of doggy doo from their 7 Shitsus? Honestly!

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