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October 11, 2008

Natural Spaces

I like the opportunity to see interesting properties here although the picture above is the name of the cottage I rent and the deck has half-moons cut into the wooden railings.

Last night I was invited to dinner by an acquaintance and it required me to drive up this very long, steep dirt road, past a cottage and when I got to the top I parked the car, had to walk across a narrow wooden bridge, up a little hill and there was the house. It was right on the edge of a bluff overlooking the valley below situated on 14 acres. It was a compound unto itself and they built it themselves using wood from the property. Lots of wood. Very homey.

Tonight I invited my neighbour and another friend for dinner to my little abode.

After our main meal but prior to dessert, we got the hot tub going and it was absolutely peaceful and wonderful to be sitting naked in the hot tub, completely in the dark, looking up at the stars with only the moon lighting up the trees and the mist all around us in perfect peace.

It's true that the natural world is so much more in the forefront in the country without the lights and traffic separating you from it. You are reminded of your place; just a small part of nature, not so in control, not in control at all really, just visiting.

Beauty. Quiet. Contentment.

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