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October 05, 2008

What are Friends For?

Although I have, and I will thank them individually, I feel the need to just say this for all to read.

I always knew that I had some pretty spectacular people as friends but when it came to my moving it was like, okay, unbelievable! Above and beyond the call of duty. I can't thank Richard and Neil enough for moving me; for actually physically heaving my stuff from the Robson Street apartment, then driving a 1-ton van and not complaining even when they were surprised by the stairs they would have to take my stuff up on Saltspring. Having you two with me on what could have been an incredibly stressful day meant a lot to me. It was unbelievably kind of you to do this for me. Just having you here with me helped me feel calmer about my arrival. Brownie points from the big guy in the sky!

To Beth. Thank you for treating me like royalty when I stayed at "Hotel England" on the night prior to my move. Your attention to every detail to ensure my comfort is a lesson I need to take notice of for when people come to visit me. Loved your robe and the couch was tres comfortable!

To Lisa for throwing me a great party and for having a beautiful sign made that welcomed me to my island life. And, for the day after my moving out of Robson Street when you left your housekey under the mat so that I could come into your house, have a shower, make myself at home and wait for your arrival. Thanks for spending the day with me when I had nothing to do but pass time prior to leaving for Saltspring. Since 2003 when you arrived in my office to introduce yourself at UBC, we've had some pretty damn good times, tons of laughs and I'll miss not having you right here more than you'll ever know. I already miss you!

To Peggy for being so easygoing, supportive and positive and for allowing me to dump a lot of my stuff at your place, even the stuff you certainly wouldn't want but pretended that of course you would! And, for all the fantastic dinners you have cooked for me in the past year or more. I'm not going to say I'll miss hanging out with you and Chris and Catherine because as you said, you're just a ferry ride away. To me, your house is "the family place" and I really enjoy that place because you have the best family I've ever been around.

To Gwen for being so supportive and for being so incredible in showing up to put the finishing touches on the cleaning. I don't know what I would have done without you going the extra mile and showing me how cleaning is REALLY done. Oh, so that's how you do it. Comet! Forget the eco-friendly crap and go with the Comet. It works. Thank you so much for working so hard on my behalf when you've just finished a very stressful time at your "real" job. I don't know what I did to deserve such assistance but I know I couldn't have done it without you and had you not been there that miserable landlady would have really had something to bitch about. (Not that it stopped her). Thanks Gwen.

To Kelly for being so motherly and providing me with a care package for my arrival. I love the book. Can't put it down. And, I did eat the noodles, munched all the cookies within a few days, have put that picture of you and I on my bookcase and made a tuna fish casserole using the tin of tuna you gave me. Thanks for being so great at keeping in touch. I'll miss your stories, your humour and your caring. You and Tom have to come to Saltspring within the year!

To Dee for listening, for the walks around the park and the laughter. When you and I start walking and talking, we laugh. It's inevitable. You must come and visit me. We never did get to Mayne for cycling. So, you must come to Saltspring. I'll miss our impromptu walks and your effervescent enthusiasm and energy.

To Colleen, thank you for being your usual supportive and positive self regardless of what's going on. We've known each other more than 10 years and you never cease to amaze me whether you're taking Cuban salsa, South East Asian classical singing, the Jembe, or learning Mandarin, you've always been an incredible inspiration and as I said on the phone today, I miss you already as well and I'll miss all the "unusual" events you would find for us to partake in.

Keiko. Your painting will find a special place in my new place. Thanks for that. I'll miss our coffee time and your wisdom. It was a pleasure to get to know you much better in the past year and I hope, when I come to town, if I plan ahead you can fit me in. And, since you and George have never been to Saltspring, and it's so artsy, of course you must come (in the Spring)! Lots of watercolour subject matter for sure.

Dave:Beer and conversation. They have a pub here you know. Enough said.

To Paul just for being you. There's something about being around you that always makes me feel better. Thanks for cooking me dinner and buying me dinners. I like your stories. I aspire to live the life you're now living. International travel at the drop of a hat. Romantic getaways. You've always been a favorite and you must come to Saltspring with you know who!

To Michelle from afar. We've each had a year that's left us a little speechless (if that's ever possible) and your support via the long distance telephone lines and e-mail has been a real comfort to me. We'll get it sorted out sooner or later. I'm sure of it.

To Anne. We don't see each other much anymore but I know you're always there. I'm sending you positive wishes. Keep the faith!

Hazel. You make me laugh. You just might be the sweetest person I've ever met and, as I said, anyone who has a sick child would be blessed to have you as their doctor. Those chocolates you gave me are SO good. I've almost devoured the entire bag. You make running look effortless and you were the second best thing about joining The Running Room. The first? The fact that I joined The Running Room at all! What's wrong with this picture?

To Murray for proving it's possible to meet a nice, kind, relatively sane man out of the blue on the street. Thanks for your kindness, the too cute camper charm you gave me at the party, and for generously making me feel better when things didn't turn out as expected that day on Saltspring. You really helped put it all in perspective and once again, your generosity was above and beyond.

I hope I haven't missed anyone but this past year has been unusual and unpredictable but interesting in its own right and I am so grateful to every one of my friends for keeping the faith (not to mention picking up the tab) more times than I can remember.

Each of you has set the bar way too high for the friendships I'm sure to make in the future. Bless you all with love and gratitude! Onward!

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