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October 07, 2008

Wind Storm

Figures that as a city person when I saw the beautiful trees that make this place look like Stanley Park, it never occurred to me to think about what happens when windstorms wreak havoc with those pretty trees.

Last night, 2:00 am, I awake to what sounds like a wooshing as if I've suddenly been transported to the beach in a storm. But, oh no, it's not waves. It's the sound of all the trees on the property bending and and swaying, their branches being whipped by the wind that seems to be going through the property as if it's a big wind tunnel. Some of the smaller branches from above are hitting the skylight, others are whipped every once in a while against one of my side bedroom windows.

I turn the light beside my bed on. There are windows on 3 sides of my bedroom. Not a particularly good design for a windstorm with really tall trees everywhere. Shortly thereafter the power goes out. I walk in the dark, feeling my way to my Smith and Wesson cop flashlight in the kitchen hoping not to step on any spiders. I grab the flashlight. It's freezing in the house. Are we having fun yet? Isn't it fun living on an island?

I'm standing in the dark, looking out, at the trees and I'm growing more freaked by the second imagining Stanley Park and the destruction I witnessed after the blow down. I imagine a huge tree crashing on this tiny cottage. I just GOT here I think to myself. I can't DIE YET!

The gate on the deck is banging. At one point my french doors actually blow open and I have to grab them and close them. I'm standing with my flashlight in my robe and my wool socks wondering where one is supposed to stand. Is it like an earthquake I think? Should I be standing under a door frame? I'm not even sure you're supposed to do that actually.

I don't think I have been that afraid for a very long time. And, it's not as if I could figure out what to do. Couldn't exactly go outside and feel safer.

I was up for two and a half hours between 2:00 am and 4:30 am when around 4:30 I think the winds started to subside. I must have fallen asleep around 5:00 am. It was SO scary, especially being new to this place and being ALONE in the dark. I'm getting uptight just thinking about it now and wondering when it's going to happen again!!!

And it isn't even WINTER yet!

Let's face it, I'd rather kill spiders given a choice.

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