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November 19, 2008

Woman Who Runs with the Ducks

I don't believe I've ever run after a duck trying to corner it but that's what I did this afternoon.

Well, that isn't completely accurate. I was actually running after the person, Christina Richard, who was running after her duck whose name, appropriately enough, is simply Running Duck and is actually an Indian Runner Duck. Sounds almost native indian when you say it like that; Woman who runs with the ducks.

I had my camera in hand ready to snap the photo as she snatched the duck. I'd show you the real photos here with her in it but I haven't asked her permission, and I'm not sure she'd want to be on my blog. So, I'll have to make due with just Runner Duck. Caught. He was actually quite photogenic and amenable to the camera settling right down into model mode.

She's an illustrator/animator from San Francisco who lives here part-time and has just illustrated a children's colouring book. Her drawings are the whimsical drawings of animals in the same manner as Beatrix Potter. Horses and cows. Elephants. Ducks. Bears. The characters of childhood storybooks. Personalities.

Christina and her husband have a 5-acre Hobby farm and live in a old farmhouse that was built by a woman in 1945 when all the men were off at WWII.

It was just so much fun petting the bunnies and running after the poor duck, feeding the sheep and talking to her about her work.

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