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March 13, 2008

Canadian Wooden Dome Homes

I spent the afternoon at Globe 2008, or at least at the tradeshow in which private companies, provinces, countries and individual entrepreneurs were showcasing their "green" initiatives, products, services and inventions.

I have to be honest and say that much of what was there was of little interest to me because it was B2B-related.

But, then I spotted the Canadian Wooden Domes. I'm always interested in alternative housing and architecture. I'm not sure why. Maybe because houses that don't look like houses just seem so much more interesting and maybe because in Grade 7 our class made a geodesic dome out of the aluminum ends of lawn chairs and that exercise in "out of the box" thinking was so much fun.

I went through a short-lived phase a few years back when I was fascinated by Cobb houses. I had dreams of building a cobb house for myself; a tiny little sandstone-coloured house that looked like it had been lovingly crafted under the moonlight by hardworking nymphs and faeries. It would be located in the middle of a beautiful forest, on a hill, overlooking the ocean from a protected and somewhat hidden highpoint. I had images of work parties, picnics, collaboration and community. That is, until I realized exactly how labour intensive it is to make a Cobb house.

So, at this trade show when I spotted the little model of a Canadian Wooden Dome House those same types of dreams were set in motion once again. I fantasized about where I might locate my little wooden igloo, how it would make me feel to know it was mine, what my bedroom might look like, maybe I could have a fireplace in my bedroom and even what it might smell like inside.

What can I say, it's good to daydream. What kind of house do you dream about?

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Unknown said...

Here's another link to spark your imagination... why be tied to a foundation when you could be floating through the trees?