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March 08, 2008

Does your blog exist if nobody ever comments?

I went to a fundraiser on Thursday night for Theatre Terrific, a local non profit that puts on theatre productions with actors/artists who live with either a mental or physical disability/illness.

My friend Lisa is on their Board and she, along with a lot of other people, put a lot of work into gathering silent auction items. It was a 60s theme so everyone dressed up as if it was the 60s and descended on the Floata restaurant in Chinatown. There were wonderful cakes donated by some incredible chefs and silent auctions and hopefully the end result is a significant amount of money for their budget.

While there I was introduced to a guy named Shane who had just finished writing the second edition of Blogging for Dummies. His own blog is called Shane's World.

I was asking him how you get people to actually look at your blog given all the blogs out there and I pointed out this blog called Zenhabits that has 38,000 subscribers. It's focused mainly on living more simply in order to create peace in your life to ensure that most of your energy is focused on those things that are most important to you. His presentation of the information is excellent. Now, it's just so typical that until I saw his Blog I was perfectly happy to just be blah, blah, blahing away to myself. But, this guy could put just one word on a blog post and I swear that 50 people would comment. That must just feel really good. Like, oh my god, there's actually somebody out there all the while I'm saying that realizing that it shouldn't matter but, it does.

I've also been re-reading this book called Mind of the Soul by Gary Zukav. It's probably, for me, the best book of its kind that I've ever read.

And, I heard some things this week that just seem worth passing on.

1. Hurt people, hurt people.

2. Ask yourself if you're aiming to create harmony and if your intent is to achieve peace or are you just trying to be right? Does it feel like a competition?

3. In any relationship between two people, don't focus on yourself, don't focus on the other, focus on the in-between because that is the intention and what happens, in-between, will become the tone of the relationship.

If anybody's out there, has any words of wisdom along the lines above or just wants to add a comment, be my guest.

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