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June 04, 2009

Backyard Bounty

Had Karen over for dinner last night. It felt like August. She brought this wonderful cold potato and leek soup that was delicious. We drank Zinfandel and had a 3 course meal pieced together from our collective fridges. We sat out on the back deck, chatted up a storm and took in the lusciousness of the beautiful back yard paradise.

That clematis climbing up that old tree stump is spectacular now and the photo above really doesn't do it justice.

What's really amazing to me is that last year some time I took a photo of a beautiful bush in Stanley Park that had vibrant mauve/blue flowers. I loved that photo but I've never known what that type of bush it was.

Now that the yard is in bloom, it turns out that my most favorite bush is right outside my back door!!!!! I couldn't believe it. How? As if someone is giving me it as a gift. How is it possible that my favorite tree is right outside my door which I didn't know when I moved in here because not until the last week has it bloomed. Crazy, wonderful!

PS: I found out later today that the shrub/bush/tree I'm referring to is called California Lilac or Ceanothus.

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