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June 24, 2009

Local By Design

I work beside a really interesting little shop in Ganges called Sweet Somethings owned by a couple originally from Toronto, via Galiano and now Salt Spring.

They seem really nice. Every day they change the saying on their sign out front the shop. The other day it said, "PSST? Who let you out of the house wearing that?" "We weren't the inspiration for that one were we?" I asked them the other day referring to my co-worker and I since her and I tend to shop at Transitions which is a thrift store with profits going to Gulf Island women affected by violence (which I personally think is much too passive a statement) given that it makes it sound as if they just happened to have an accident or something. They need someone to re-write their tagline me thinks. But, I digress.

Back at Sweet Somethings, Amber Churchill designs the jewellery and a lot of other really cool little items. It's a bit like having a taste of Vancouver's Main Street with its small boutiques right here because it holds the work of a lot of Canadian designers.

They're being featured in a small article in July's Aqua magazine and I got to take the photos. It wasn't until I was in there really "looking" that I realized what a wealth of variety there was in there, much of it made by Amber herself.

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