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June 05, 2009

Day Tripping Close to Home

Had a really lovely day off. I went with a friend to Duncan and Cowichan Bay. He would probably sue me if I put his photo on the blog which, of course, makes it ever so tempting but I shall refrain. Apparently he doesn't realize that having your photo on my blog is a form of respect, reverance, affection or in very rare cases, (I can only think of one), ridicule. Just depends who you are! Privacy? Shmivacy!

He took me to this beautiful little bistro in Duncan that's definitely worth a visit. We sat out in the courtyard and had this fantastic white wine, perfect for the day from a local vineyard called Vignetti Zanatta The quiche, salad and chocolate mousse were all very tasty. I may have met a co-chocaholic and I don't even want to think of the danger of that. A double-decadence enabler.

We puttered around Duncan's great little old downtown which has a lot of artsy shops and then drove out to Cowichan Bay. I'd never been there. It's so CUTE! I loved it. There's even a Maritime Center, which is a museum of the history and boats with little shops/restaurants along the water. They're having a wooden boat festival on the weekend of June 26-28 and I LOVE wooden boats. It's definitely worth a trip. I want to go back.

Driving along a back road to the Crofton ferry on the way back to Salt Spring, past rolling green hills, old barns, lush greenery, fields with equestrian jumps made me realize why so many people dream about living on Vancouver Island, or, um, Salt Spring!

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