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July 24, 2009

Baseball and Life and Death

Went to the Ganges Cemetary the other night with a few members of the Salt Spring Photography Meet-up Group. I specifically chose that cemetary because I happen to love cemetaries. You never know what you're going to find in them. Take this baseball for example. Did it end up there by accident because someone in the park across the street hit an amazing hit? Did someone place it there intentionally because someone who is in that cemetary loved baseball? (The ball is sitting on top of a structure that has peoples names on it).

Cemetaries are a fantastic place for photography because they force you to really slow down and look. You have to walk around and open your eyes and look.

The first time the group went out I gave them a theme: Texture. It fit really well with the Ruckle Barn. But this time, I didn't want them to have a theme. No theme necessary. To me, that's the thing about photography. The challenge is to wander with only your eyes, your own experience and history, open your heart and observe to find those images that really speak to you because you have to have faith that if an image really speaks to you personally, then there must be something in it that will also resonate with others.

That's what makes Photography interesting and creates excitement on a walk; bringing your surroundings alive when without the camera, you would be less attentive.
Besides there are people, baseball fans, who believe nothing mimicks life (and death) better than the romance associated with the sport of baseball.

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