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July 20, 2009

Every Day's a Daytime Soap

I think it was a male comedian who said, what is it with these chics who wear these push up bras which make their boobs look like they're being served up on a platter - finger lickin good - and when any guy looks at what's obviously the only appetizer on the menu, these same women glare back at them and spit out, "What are YOU lookin at?"

That was a scene out of my day. I mean, it's pretty casual here on the island and crazy fashion is held up to a new standard but I took one look at this young woman who came into the office today and I felt like saying, Excuse me. Hold on. If you're looking for the pole dancing audition, it's not here.

And, my lovely, diplomatic, beautiful, kind co-worker was tripping over her words as she so carefully tried to approach this young thing and in a round about way ask how she normally dressed when she dropped off resumes or went to interviews.

I, on the other hand, couldn't stand it and couldn't refrain myself because let's face it, if you're that clueless about how to dress for a job, then it's not a big mystery that you're having trouble getting one. Besides, I'd met her the week before already.

So, when the good cop (my co-worker) had finished with her kindness, I just said, "What you're wearing is not appropriate to look for work in. (I refrained from saying, unless you're looking to become a hooker). The sad part is that I don't think she heard it. "It's hot out!" she said in response. Well, then why not just go naked I thought to myself. Why pretend? Just take off all your clothes because honestly, in all my working years, I have rarely seen so little covering breasts in public. The male equivalent would be some guy walking in with only a G-string, and a jean shirt on top.

Then, a few minutes later, an older man comes in. He spent his entire career in the sporting industry with people who are famous and get paid a lot of money and never even have to fly with the rest of us chattel. He had everything done for him because of the nature of the biz he participated in in Europe.

He doesn't need any money. He just needs something to do. But, he doesn't know what to do with himself. He doesn't want to ever be a coach again though.

I listened to him and then I said, Have you ever thought of getting a personal coach? He stopped speaking immediately. Apparently he hadn't. But, he was repeating over and over about how much he had the kind of lifestyle that hadn't given him many skills except for those focused on the sport he had specialized in and now he just walks around aimlessly. Do you know what I did this morning, he asked me. I got up. I watched the news. I read my e-mail. I looked at YouTube. (Ya, so did just about everybody with a job I thought). I need a reason to get out of the house, he said. I just need some social interaction.

Well, I said, that's what coaches supposedly do. They can help you set goals. They can get you out of bed. They can keep you on track and be your personal watchdog. They can help you explore possibilities. They make you accountable.

It's easy to think that because he has money that he shouldn't be in this situation but money has nothing to do with it. Imagination on the other hand...? That's another story. It made me wonder what's worse. Is it worse to be homeless and broke or is it actually worse to be financially blessed and have absolutely nothing to do with yourself because you are so stuck or incapable of stepping outside of the construct you have created that you can't see what an amazing opportunity you are being given - the options are endless - because all you can see is your past?

You know that television show, The Office? It ain't got nothing on where I work.

I think I might just start putting on make-up so I can dress up as one of the lead characters in the daytime soap I partake in four days a week. Cut!

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Ben Anderson said...

re: breast-a-ges...VERY FUNNY

And that guy, just send him down to me - I'll get him going, and I'll only charge him what he can afford!