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July 06, 2009

Lavendar Fields Forever

Went to the lavendar festival today and there's just something about that beautiful mauve that's as soothing as its herbal properties.

I was sitting on the grass, learning how to make a lavendar wand by weaving ribbon around the 9 strands of lavendar.

In the heat, with the bees, and a bunch of women and children getting a quick lesson on how to make lavendar wands, it seemed like the only thing missing were big pastel floppy sun hats and mint juleps.

It felt like such a wonderfully old fashioned way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
My favourite photo is the one in the middle. I like the hint of the wooden chair against the field of purple.


Cookme said...

Oh, this looks heavenly. I'd rather be there than at the "ball" any day! M

GM said...

Okay. You come here and make Lavendar wands and kill spiders and I'll eat fresh sushi with the Emporer/ess. But, just for 1 day cuz I like it here okay?